Aristotle Beyond the Academy

Aristotle and Plate-o

Buy a tourist’s souvenir with a map of the triple-pronged peninsula of Chaldidiki, on the eastern-most coast of which Aristotle was born and brought up. This ornamental dish proudly includes a portrait of Aristotle and his hometown of Stageira as a landmark, since the philosopher was the most famous native of the region in history.

Stageira, which means the place where water drips down, is aptly named. It is perched on high cliff-tops overlooking the northern Aegean. The ancient ruins are a wonderful archaeological site, where you can walk the streets where Aristotle spent his boyhood and imagine him playing in the agora and by the seaside temples. For a full account, watch this documentary film, presented by Edith Hall and filmed and edited by the 16-year-old Sarah Poynder.


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